Thursday, June 24, 2010

Another camping trip

This is the year for camping! The fishing has been good, so it doesn't take any arm twisting to get my hubby to go. We ended up staying an extra night because we had rain on Tuesday. I do not care to break camp under soaking wet conditions.

We usually take peanuts with us and feed the chipmunks. This time we had five of them eating out of our hands! We gave three of them names; Gentle, Roughneck and Twice.

Gentle would take a peanut very gently from our fingers. We would be reading a book and hold a peanut by our side and if we weren't paying attention when they came for it, they would react differently. Gentle would touch our fingers and let us know he was there, let go of the peanut now. Roughneck would give the peanut a hard tug and if we didn't let go right away, he would just nip our finger. Not hard, but enough to let us know he wanted that peanut. And Twice was really cute. He lives across the campground road (which is just wide enough for campers to travel), so he needed to make his trips worthwhile. It took me a few times to realize what was going on. If I offered him a small peanut he would stuff it inside his cheek and wait for another one. The second one he just carried in his mouth. After I wised up and realized what he was doing I tried to pick out a small peanut to give him first. We had a blast with them. We'd feed for about an hour and then quit so they could go about their little chipmunk lives. Later in the day we would feed them again for a little bit. Most of the time they stored the peanuts in their holes. We are pretty sure some of them had to do some housecleaning to be able to move around down there.

We camped from Sunday to Wednesday. I read two books and worked on my test project and a swap project. Also did a little fishing. I caught a few trout and a catfish. I'm not the most patient trout fisherwoman, so I usually only fish when they start biting. I wait for hubby to alert me and then go to the lake, which is within walking distance of the campground. We really only learned to lake fish this year. It is a little different than fishing in a stream or river.

Now that we are home reality must raise its ugly head and I have to do some serious housecleaning. I don't know why this year is so difficult for me to get in the mood to spring clean. Maybe I can convince myself to wait until later and make it fall cleaning?

I also have to get to working on the Vancouver Shawl that I am testing. It's a slow go for me because my gauge is smaller than Samantha's suggested gauge. I am using what I had in my yarn stash, and being a shawl I'm not really worried about the gauge. Sam will be able to use it as a reference for her pattern. For some strange reason lately, I haven't been able to just sit and knit or crochet for hours on end like I used to do. I think I need to find a different chair!


  1. Looks like you had a great time! The chipmunks are very cute!

  2. What great pics! We have chipmunks in our yard but they run fast to escape Sparkie...LOL!