Saturday, June 26, 2010

Another hot day

Well today was hot and humid again. We've been having a spell of hot weather already this summer. Got my hair cut this morning and pulled weeds in the garden this evening. That is the highlight of my day so far. Since it is 8:30 PM, I doubt I will do much of anything else, except crochet on the swap project for Ravelry.
Our poor garden took a hit. Even though we had fenced it in, a groundhog burrowed under the fence and ate my lima beans, green bean and yellow bean plants. It looks like most of them may regrow but now it will take longer. Mr. Groundhog made the mistake of showing himself and now he is no longer. Anybody with a garden knows how discouraging it is to plant seeds, watch them grow and then wake up to find them munched to practically nothing!

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